• Innovative in WFM

    while paying attention to the human factor
    Innovative in WFM, while paying attention to the human factor

    Work Force Management implies matching the necessary amount of personnel with the clients' behavior - at the right moment, with relevant knowledge and skills. As well as being able to analyse this information.

    CCmath excells in specialised knowledge in the field of workforce management. We deliver Forecasting, Capacity Management, Planning & Scheduling software for use on site as well as in the Cloud. We also develop plug-ins to upgrade other leading WFM packages with analytics which allow for a more precise match in workforce demand.

    We consult you when implementing software, but we also offer training, courses and solutions to quantitative WFM queries.

    CCmath offers customized solutions using a state-of-the-art and scientifically sound support of planning processes at a favorable rate and accessible to all.

  • Applied Science

    within reach for any organization
    Applied Science, for every organization.

    CCwfm = our WFM software. It consists of 3 modules:

    Besides this WFM suite, CCmath also offers Excel plug-ins with convenient functions for calculating a forecast and team requirements, and for generating services and rosters.

    Multi-skill simulation and optimization

    This modules allows planners in a multi-skill call center to precisely schedule. Scenarios can be calculated with precision: the right amount of multi-skill agents and the optimal combination of shifts. This in turn can be used as input data for personnel planning in Excel or another scheduling tool.

    Erlang X plug-in

    The sophisticated plug-in for every capacity manager. This plug-in considers customers' patience and the amount of repetitive traffic which generates an abandonement. The outcome of the multi-skill simulation and optimization closely match call center reality. CCmath is the international supplier of the Erlang X module. Click here (Windows) / here (Mac) to download the Erlang X module including a free 7-day licence.

  • Need help now?

    online calculators
    Online Calculator

    If you are interested to know more about the calculator, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Finding solutions together

    using standardized or customized modules
    Finding the solution together, in modules or fully customized.

    Business going good? There's always room for improvement! A WFM department supplying not the WFM department, but also directors with strategic insight and the board with advice.

    Together with our clients, CCmath finds the fitting solution. In an initial meeting we discuss challlenges, operational issues and desired short-term and long-term goals. Afterwards you receive a concrete proposal. CCmath has a wealth of experience in diverse fields: from audits of WFM operations to rolling out pilots, implementing software, developing forecast models, capacity calculations and optimization advise. We work on the solution together with you. Besides consultancy, we also offer project support and interim WFM personnel.

  • Effectivity =
    Quality x Acceptance

    WFM courses aimed at in-depth insight and better results
    Effectivity = Quality x Acceptance
    WFM courses aimed at in-depth insight and better results

    Understanding the underlying principles of WFM increases the quality of the outcomes of the decisions made. These principles can easily be understood without knowing all the ins and outs of the often mathematical models and formulas which are applied.

    CCmath provides WFM courses. At our own center in Amsterdam or at a location of choice. These courses are aimed at: WFM Managers, Planners, Forecasters, Traffic managers, WFM Consultants and WFM Developers.

    Our courses contain masterclasses in every area for the (highly) advanced WFMer. Our elementary courses are suitable for new as well as experienced employees.

    For more information on our courses, mail info@ccmath.com or call +31(0)20 2612523 one of our trainers for advice (no strings attached).

  • Our knowledge and experience

    the experts speak
    Our knowledge and experience, the experts speak Our services are aimed at: small call centers, medium-sized call centers and planning departments within large organisations. Our clients include Executive boards, directors and line managers. Meet some of our clients:
    Van Ameyde Van Ameyde uses our modules and complete software suite with the latest user interface.
    Porto Seguro Porto Seguro runs our simulation model to analyze their multi-skill call center.
    Belgische Post The bpost group uses our Forecasting, Erlang and scheduling modules - integrated within our partner ORTEC's Harmony Workforce Scheduling Optimization tool.
    Cygnific Cygnific uses our Forecasting and Erlang modules - integrated within our partner Anago's WFM software.
    Xerox Xerox uses our Erlang X plug-in in Excel for their capacity model.
    KLM KLM's call center in New Delhi uses our Forecasting module in Excel.
    ABN CCmath delivers support in the area of Capacity Management.
    Medrie How does a general practice center decide on the ideal staffing levels? We have the answer!
    Achmea Achmea has entrusted us with training their newest planners.
    Het CAK Forecasting precision has exceedingly advanced with the introduction of modern forecasting methods.
  • Netherlands Office: Rembrandtweg 665, 1181 GV Amstelveen Catharina van Clevelaan 2, 1181 BH Amstelveen +31(0)20 2612523

    Brazil Office: Rua Brás Cubas, 293 12242-300 São José dos Campos +55(0)11 26263938

    Meet our

    dedicated WFM scientists
    Meet our professionals

    CCmath staat voor callcenter wiskunde. CCmath is in 2005 opgericht door Ger Koole en Auke Pot. Vanuit hun wortels bij de afdeling Wiskunde van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, waar al meer dan 15 jaar onderzoek naar call centers wordt gedaan, en vanuit de visie dat planning van medewerkers kan verbeteren door gebruik te maken van geavanceerde wiskundige methoden, zijn zij gestart met CCmath. Inmiddels is CCmath uitgegroeid tot een kennisrijke organisatie met gedreven vakidioten.
    drs. Wout Bakker
    Drs. Wout Bakker is organisatiepsycholoog, WFM-specialist, trainer en verandermanager. Zijn drive om kennis en kunde over te brengen werkt aanstekelijk. Kenmerken van Wout zijn zijn enthousiasme, slagvaardigheid en relativeringsvermogen. Oog voor de juiste mensen en middelen om verbeteringen te realiseren, zijn voor Wout essentieel. Wout heeft zich sinds 2015 bij CCmath aangesloten.
    Celia K. Gunawan, BICT
    Celia heeft Informatica gestudeerd aan de Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven. Het is haar passie om mooie software te bouwen. Sinds medio 2014 is ze in dienst bij CCmath. Ze heeft vooral gewerkt aan de front-end van de forecasting applicatie CCforecast.
    Ger Koole, PhD
    Prof. dr. Ger Koole verdeelt zijn tijd tussen CCmath, de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam en het VU Medisch Centrum. Zijn onderzoeksgroep ‘Optimalisatie van Bedrijfsprocessen’ is een van de meest vooraanstaande onderzoeksgroepen in de wereld op het gebied van call centers. Hij is gespecialiseerd in planning onder onzekerheid en toepassingen in de dienstensector. Ger heeft de Erlang X module ontwikkeld. Hij is lid van het management van CCmath.
    Siqiao (April) Li, M.E
    Siqiao (April) Li, M.E has been working at CCmath since 2017. In 2013 she received her Master's degree in Industry Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Current now, as a part-time employee at CCmath, she works on developing the shift scheduling software for multi-channel call centers and is in charge of the WFM fellowship learning system. In addition to working at CCmath, she is a PhD student both in Shanghai Jiaotong University and VU University Amsterdam with different research topics: optimization in healthcare processes and WFM in call centers.
    dr. Auke Pot
    dr. Auke Pot ontving zijn doctorsgraad in 2006 met een proefschrift over skill-based routering in call centers. Tijdens zijn studie liep hij stage bij grote financiële instellingen en participeerde hij in verschillende projecten in call centers. Naast skill-based routering is hij gespecialiseerd in methoden voor medewerkerplanning en in data analyse. Auke is lid van het management van CCmath.
    dr. Alex Roubos
    dr. Alex Roubos is sinds begin 2012 in dienst bij CCmath. Hij ontving zijn doctorsgraad in hetzelfde jaar met een proefschrift over de variabiliteit van het service level en geduld van bellers in call centers. Naast de werkzaamheden bij CCmath werkt hij voor een deel als docent / onderzoeker aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
    dr. Oualid Jouini
    dr. Oualid Jouini is an Associate Professor at Ecole Centrale Paris. He is employed in part-time at CCmath and is its corresponding contact in France. Oualid has more than ten years experience on the use of stochastic modeling and queueing theory for the operations management of call centers. He is an expert in multi-skill shift-scheduling and in the optimal job routing for multi-channel call centers.
    Cassiano Cavalcanti, MBA
    Cassiano Cavalcanti's has a degree in Business Administration and an MBA. Working in the contact center market for over 14 years and co-founder of Amiggo, he was involved in leading solutions in the Brazilian market. He has extensive experience in the planning and control of contact center operations and acted as a consultant to design the best use of WFM. Constantly seeking to improve himself, he became part of CCmath family, being a bridge between the Netherlands and Brazil, to share knowledge and solutions of applied maths.
CCmath is proud to announce
Erlang add-in for Excel
The brand new Excel add-in for chat and Erlang X capacity calculations.
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